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Principal's Message

Dear Parents,

It is almost a week since I have taken over the principalship of St. Francis' Convent Inter College from Sr. Mariella whom you have been acquainted with the past three years. I take this golden opportunity to thank those of you who extended your greetings and best wishes personally and through your wards.

Every change of a principal marks a new era in the history of a school and it is natural for those who are associated with ‘the new era’ to cloud their minds with uncertainities. With regard to S.F.C, this change shouldn’t cause any uncertainities as I am blessed with a great legacy to follow, the legacy of imparting Value Based and High Quality Education under the leadership of twenty inspiring principals who had been in and out of the portals S.F.C from 1913-2016.

I firmly believe that parents are every child’s first teacher and that by sincere collaboration we can ensure that your child’s social, emotional put ethical aspects and academic success are taken well care of. In the words of the famous philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau, “Plants are shaped by cultivation and men by Education… we are born weak, we need strength; we are born totally unprovided , we need aid; we are born stupid, we need judgement. Everything that we do not have at our birth and which we need when we are grown is given by Education.” Thus dear parents, Let us strive together to aid your children who are entrusted to our care to become just persons with the ablity to make right judgement and to be LEARNED and EDUCATED rather than just being LITERATE.

Thanking you in anticipation for your whole hearted cooperation.

Sr. Jessy C.J

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